HHC2007 & HP Xpander


First of all I like to say thank you to the great HP calculator community! I was a little scared before the trip to San Diego - imagine ONE Texas Instruments collector and SIXTY-EIGHT Hewlett Packard fans. But the wonderful event demonstrated easily:

The fans of the HP 35 are like their calculator: Simply perfect!

Thinking about the TI-Nspire on the nice calendar side-by-side with the Casio Classpad 300 and the Xpander prototype convinced me, that I should add them to my Datamath Calculator Museum (www.datamath.org).

I know that there are some Xpander's out. Is there a collector willing to borrow me his working or non-working unit for a week or so? Please remember that I line in the meantime in Rochester, NY.

Thanks in advance for your help.




It was a great pleasure to have you among friends. We all share the love of calculators from simple to advanced.

It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person, since I visit your web site often to check out technical details about different TI calculators. Also not to mention the wonderful eBay auctions you put, presenting a wide variety of very interesting calculators.

I hope you also won some interesting door prizes.

I can speak for many attendees and say you are most welcome to attend future HHC conferences.


PS: Two years ago I gave a talk about comparing the SOLVER function in various HP calculators, we as well the TI-200. The comparison was very interesting and offered a challange for HP to update its SOLVER algorithms.


Namir, is that comparison of solver's online somewhere? I'd be interested in reading that...




You can downolad the presentation from my web site.. It is the first link.



I am so very glad you came to HHC 2007! It was a great pleasure to be there among so many other calculator enthusiasts.

Although we HP users often poke fun at TI in a light-hearted way, in reality I suspect that all of us appreciate a good calculator when we see one, no matter who has made it. :)

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