remove your screen cover.


And you'll find a lot nicer 35's display.



Hello Joan,

What procedure did you use to remove your screen cover?




Hmm. Exactly like the 49g.

Is there I downside, I wonder? The cover may protect the LCD.



Is a piece of crap plastic between the frame and the LCD. To dismantle it is easier than the 49 because the screws. That thing would avoid the warranty but I don't care.

When the LCD protector was out I could see plenty of scratches on it, and I only clean it twice.Really soft material.

Very easy to see also the reason of the missalignment display, but difficult to fix. The LCD is glued to a piece of metal with the proper guide to get a good position, but there's not any guide to glue it properly.




do you have some pictures of the result ?


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