New version of the 35s vector bug.


I had my share of the syntax error prompt bug when using the hp 35s' vector type.

Always been able make it go away somehow without reset the calc.
But now I got the bug in a new way and can't shake it:

I can enter any vector fine when in normal mode, BUT all my programs containing equation with vectors that used to work fine now produces SYNTAX error.

This is realy bad...

Edited: 27 Sept 2007, 12:06 p.m.


Okey, did not have to reset the machine!

What I have done before when get the vector bug entering vectors is to go into alg mode and do something with vectors there, usual when return to sanity mode (that would be rpn mode) the bug is gone...

Okey, since this now happened for vectors in equations inside programs when run, I made the following silly program:

Z001 LBL Z

Z002 eq [0,1]x[0,1]

Z003 R/S

Z004 eq [1,0,0]x[0,1,0]

Z005 RTN

And run it in alg mode, switched to rpn mode and found my other programs now worked!!

No gurantee this will work every time! But one may wanna try if get into same problem as described here...

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