HP-IL Module manual ?



anybody has the manual for the HP-IL module ? I need the description of the functions which are contained in this module (Printer, Mass storage, Control).
I have the module, printer and tape unit, but the commands for the control of the printer and tape are not contained in the manuals for the devices. So, I suppose that they must be included in the manual for HP-IL module...

Thx for any help



There are manuals available here


Hello, Pavel;

try here, too:


I believe many good stuff is there. If I am not wrong, you already have it. Anyway...



Hello Luiz,

the manual for HP82160A module is not at the link you wrote.
Only the manual for HP-IL Development ROM (which is different) is there :-(


Thx, I know. Problem is that I ordered the CDs more than two months ago I did not received anything.
It seems that the delivery was stolen somewhere and Dave is sending me a new set of CDs.
But I just got tape for the HP82161A and I do not want another couple of weeks to be able to test my tape unit.

At least, anyone knows the syntax of basic tape commands (format, write, read, verify) ?


By the way, that little switch on the back of the HP41 HP-IL module is used to disable the printer functions so that you can use the 82143A printer with the HP-IL module installed. If it is set in the disable position you won't be able to print via the HP-IL loop.

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