Hp 50g: How do I clear a Matrix inside Matrix Writer



I'm using an Hp 50g.

Lets say I enter a list of numbers in the cells of the Matrix Writer. I run some statistics on the numbers and I wish to enter a new list. How do I clear the old one without going an clearing the contents one by one? I suspect it has to do with the PURGE command, but since the object has no name (that I can tell) I don't know how to reference it.

Thanks amigos,



Hi Miguel,

When you exit the matrix writer (such as when you run stats on your dataset), it clears. It will then re-open to a blank pallet.

For this reason, any matrix you want to keep must be put onto the stack (by pressing enter a second time in the matrix writer), and then saved into a variable (or you could just save it on the stack I suppose)
Best regards, Hal


Hi Hal:

You're right. I'm trying to recreate the situation and I can't. Looks good for now. Its just being used to a 41CX makes this 50g a whole new ballgame!

Thanks for your help, -Migs

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