HHC2007 Transportation


I'm interested if anyone is interested in carpooling between the airport and the hotel for HHC2007 conference. We might be able to save some money by splitting the cost of a taxi or car rental. My wife is coming, so the most you'll have to pay if you split with us is a third of the cost.

We get into the airport at 5:25pm on Friday and our flight leaves at 6:05pm on Sunday. If you can work with those times, let me know.



The HHC2007 mentions Cloud 9 transportation (collective minivan). I made reservations through their web site.



Yes, I know. However, 3-4 people splitting a car or taxi fare is cheaper than the cargo hauler vans and probably quicker.

A cheap car from hertz is about 100$ for two days. It would be cheaper for katie and I to do that than to pay the van transport. . . however since I am under 25 (for another 28 days or so) they want to charge another 25+$ per day since I will obviously destroy it with my unsafe driving.



A cheap car from hertz is about 100$ for two days.

$14/day for an econodeathtrap, and $17/day for a standard with hertz via priceline.com.

plus taxes, etc

<no affiliation>


.. I will obviously destroy it with my unsafe driving.

Hmm. I don't recall how you did on the Segway last year. 8)



I get into the airport at 5:00 PM on Friday, and would be delighted to share transportation with someone.

I'm not departing San Diego until Monday afternoon, so I won't be able to share transportation with Tim, but perhaps I can share with someone else.



Well if you would be willing to zip down to the airport and drop us off sunday afternoon. . .



Maybe. I was thinking more in terms of sharing a taxi or the like.



That would work too. ~70-80 split 3 ways is better than a van fare.



I'm already renting a car from Friday morning through (very) early Monday morning. I'm willing to pack in anyone who is arriving/departing at about that time. The car is one step up from a compact, unless I get upgraded. I'm also willing to consider a scheduled airport run late Friday and mid-day Sunday. (11:45 AM arrival on Friday and 6:35 AM departure on Monday - which means 5:30 AM arrival at airport.) I'm staying at the Hilton Garden Inn near the conference site.

Mail me through the forum if interested.



P.S. My driving skills are not well represented by my Segway performance of yesteryear. 8)

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