RPN/RPL and the HP41 Programming Language



time has past till the day I forgot three issues (the only ones I had) of the HP Key Notes in a public telephone at São Paulo's Bus Station (Brazil), heading Rio de Janeiro. Inside the bus, I ralise that. Too late. Back to the bus station, looking for them at Lost and Found, and nothing. It was 1986 or 1987.

What I remeber better was: (don't remember in which of them)

- HP announces both HP15C and HP16C;
- Contest for a name to the HP41´s programming language
- a little program to be read with the optical wand (with a sort of TONE sequences ?)
- some stuff about the HPIL Plotter
and the like.

At that time, the HP41 was already called a 'computer' by the HewPack team; this happend after the HP41CX was introduced in 1983, so it's programming language might have a name.

As I can see it´s name is FOCAL. But I would like to know if this FOCAL name emmerged from that contest or not. In fact, I would like to know where and when did FOCAL come from.

Maybe it's of no importance, but as FOCAL designation exists for such a known programming language and equipment, why isn't it of so common use?



I just posted in other thread my comments about this. Please take a look and let's have your opinions...


Just a link to your interesting, clever post.


Thanks for the valuable info, Andrés.


Please visit these TWO links:




PS: Thank you, Luiz!

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