HHC2007 Draws near


Well folks, the much awaited and very special HHC2007 is drawing near. The HHC2007 web site has an update and it looks like 71 attendees have registered. If you can make it and have not registered, then now is the time to register.

This conference is going to be rocking!!! Unfortunately, I have to leave Saturday night to catch a red eye flight home so I can attend the wedding of a step-son on Sunday. Still, I am very excited to see old friends and meet new ones (like Joerg Woerner the TI museum webmaster). Joerg will make a presentation from the TI perspective.

See you there!!!



Unfortunately, I have to leave Saturday night to catch a red eye flight home so I can attend the wedding of a step-son

Are you sure you've got your priorities straight? You can go to a wedding any time, but HHC 2007 only happens once! :-)



It's my step-son, so I must attend :-)

BTW, should I bring the coupon I won from you at HHC2006 (last year)? Will I be able to exchange it with an early production unit?



We aren't yet to what I would call "early production", but you certainly can decide whether you want what I show at the conference.


I think I will wait then. I am eager to see what you are showing. In case I change my mind we can discuss things.


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