Any experience connecting HP50G with MacOSX using HPConnect?


I had downloaded HPConnect (0.91). I had tried to connect to my HP50G but HPConnect does not respond. Do I need to set some flags or run a key combination? (I had set wired transfer flag, and anything happen, no connect still),

Thanks for any help,



Hi Tocayo*,

The only thing I can tell you is that I followed the instructions as they say and all worked fine. Be sure that flag 33 is not set, then right-shift, release and then right arrow cursor key.

I tested in OS X in and old G3 laptop...sorry, iBook.

* For others reading this: Tocayo = same fist name as mine. Do not think that his name is "tocayo" :-)

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It worked fine. Thanks a lot!!!



Of course you have to run the application before calling the Xserver in the calculator. When the Xserver is running, press Connect in HPConnect. There is not any autorun here...



Edited: 21 Sept 2007, 3:11 p.m.


Thanks (Gracias) 'Tocayo'. I will try tomorrow to see if I have luck now.


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