stack preservation


I am a bit stuborn on having (some) of my programs behave as a built in function related to stack and lastx register.

What I have done so fare is to write a subroutine that saves the stack in the indirect registers (will not use the valuable A-H,K-Z for such stuff).

Then I found this
that offers an elegant second option by Valentin Albillo when you can do it all in an equation.

In the great danger of saying something well known; the x<> operation do come to the rescue if one need to resort to storing the stack in indirect registers.


Program that saves stack in indirect regs

Decided did not want to use vector packing and given want tailing part of program to be used as standalone stack recall routine have a feeling must use number of steps...

But I could be wrong? :-)

Edited: 22 Sept 2007, 8:53 a.m.

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