50g Serials?


Is there a decoder for 50g serials?

I tried searching, but must have a bad parameter.


By decoder, do you mean determining country and date of manufacture? If so, for example:


CNA - manufacured in China, presumably in factory A

6 - 2006

21 - week no. 21

01234 - unit sequence number


Yes, thanks!

What are indicators of early/late models? Have any lots been identified by number?


What are indicators of early/late models?

I'm not sure what the earliest serial number is. If I recall correctly, I got mine pretty early (I think before the 50g was even officially acknowledged to exist by HP), and my serial number is CNA618, so manufactured in 2006, week 18. So early modes would be CNA618 or slightly earlier. Late models would be CNA7-something. There is speculation that the first digit of the last five (i.e. the sequence number after the week number) is always zero, which means that there are at most 9999 units with any given year+week code.
Have any lots been identified by number?

I am not sure what type of information you are after with this question. I know of no lots that have been identified as having any particular flaws or other unique characteristics. However, I am not an expert on the 50g. The comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup is the place to go for information on the 48/49/50 calculators. All posters there seem to be pretty much experts.

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