Programs Shrinkers for ours beloved HPs


Hi all,

Does anybody know about or have programs or binaries used to shrink other programs.

What is that beast? A program that remove unneeded things from programs to speed up and shortening them. Usefull when a program don't fit in a ROM module!

HP41: I recall about (but can't find again) a program that removed unneeded labels from programs after GTOs and GSBs have been computed.
From what I recall, it was published in a french magazine and the author was the former president (or something like that) of the french PPC Paris, and it was synthetic of course.

HP71B, HP75C/D, HP 83/85/86/87: it would remove remarks, shortening var names and remove lines tags and labels after jumps are computed.

HP 86/87: I remember a program (binary) called SHRINK86 which was doing at least the remarks and var names. I may even have it on floppy but it is protected with a special record on floppy to prevent copiing.

Thanks for reading.


The best one I have ever seen was for the HP48 called BZ Cheers,al


The decompresser is built into all 49/50s as well. The compression is pretty good. I use it on a lot of the routines in my surevying software and cut about 40% of the size of the program down. Debug4x has BZ built into it so making compressed libraries is a breeze.



I guess the original poster is after something else (like program optimizer), not compressing program.


You right.


HP41: ESMLDL-OS (7B), not a program, is a function: CMPDL



Thanks Doug,

I did not know this one.

On first try, I see it did a lot of things.
Will do a deep test later.

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