Hp-35s retailers in Los Angeles?


I'm in LA, and was hoping to snap up a 35S. Struck out at Frys--has anyone seen any actually in stores? Costco isn't an option, I'm not a member.



The only places in California where I've seen HP scientific or graphing calcs on display for retail purchase in recent years are (1) Fry's, and (2) university bookstores. If Fry's doesn't have it, then my only other suggestion would be to try the bookstore at UCLA, USC, Caltech, Cal Poly Pomona, or some other big CSU (Long Beach, Northridge, Fullerton, etc). But I'm not in LA, and don't know for sure whether the 35S is actually in stock anywhere.

I'm surprised that Fry's doesn't have it. But the 35S wasn't on their website either (although the 33S and 50G were).

Edited: 18 Sept 2007, 12:28 p.m.

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