HP-48-SX/User Assigned key comands


When I attempt to execute a user asssigned command, all I get is the comand, not the executed command (e.g. if I have assigned "CLX" to a key the "CLX" is returned but not executed when I press the key.

What is the problem?

PS: The HP-48 passes all the internal tests.


There are various reasons why your attempt doesn't work.

1. CLX is _not_ an HP-48 command

2. You used double quotes, so you wanted to return a STRING


1. Use a valid HP-48 command, like DROP in this case

You can create an unevaluated command on the stack this way:

{ command_name } OBJ-> DROP, where command_name is your actual command.

Then you specify they key to be assigned, e.g. 11.1, then ASN.

Alternatively you can embed your command into a program like this:

<< command_name >>




Thanks. I will give it a shot again.

I have not used the double quotes. Just the entries as detailed on page 27 of the manual.

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