Hello? Any other danes out there? (Hvor er I?)



I have often thought of making some kind of HP-calculator meeting in Denmark. I myself live far away from every major city in the country, so we would have to find some good place for the meeting. So I wondered if there are any other danish collectors out there who can suggest a place to meet? Of cause the meeting could also include people from other places...

Thank you


Ok - not a lot of danes here I suppose.
How about collectors from Sweden, Norway and Finland? (Am I the only scandinavian here?)
Perhaps German collectors want to pay interest too.
Are some of you interested in meeting somewhere in Denmark?


Well, Björn, I love Denmark and almost every part of Scandinavia, but I happen to live at the opposite side of Germany ;) Nevertheless, AFAIK there are some people from Norway and Finland to be found here in this forum.

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