CEILING function substitute for 35s


Does anyone know a set of functions that combined, will return the same result as the CEILING function (38G)?

Will be used on the 35s.

Thanks for any ideas.


For the FLOOR function: left shift-INTG-4

For the CEIL function: do the above and add 1

Edited: 11 Sept 2007, 3:36 p.m.


Not really so! CEIL(x) is *equal* to FLOOR(x) if x is an integer!

I don't have a 35s yet but CEIL(x) = -FLOOR(-x), so a solution is to write a short program executing




Of course, the more enlightened posters above me are right!

But with that neat NEG FLOOR NEG trick everything is provided for...;-)


For the CEIL function: do the above and add 1

Which would be wrong when the argument is an exact integer.

- Pauli

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