HP-35s -- Reversible Case with its Repositionable Logo


O.k., so a few days ago I noticed the logo on my 35s' case was slightly askew. Today I tried rotating the calculator and inserting it under the second elastic band, so that the case opens on the left, and my Post-It pad is on the right, ready for some right-handed writing without obscuring the calculator.

I like that better, but when I close the case, the logo is upside-down. (And crooked!)

I recall someone's suggestion that the logo might have been placed on the cover with its long dimension parallel to that of the case, to avoid this upside-down-ness when the case is used in its alternate mode.

Then, like a good experimenter, I took my Swiss Army knife, inserted the blade beneath the right edge of the logo on the case, and lifted gently . . .

The brushed-aluminum logo piece popped off cleanly, complete with its sticky back. I simply rotated it 180 degrees and stuck it back in the little depression (aligned much more nicely than as delivered, thank you very much) and voila! A correctly-oriented logo near the bottom of the case front, when the case opens from the left.

Better yet, I popped it off again, flipped the case over (so it opens from the right, but now with the calculator banded to the inside "front" cover), and stuck the logo back on what used to be the back, in a position analogous to the original.

The logo is no longer in the little rectangular depression (and that depression is now on the lower back side), but I've got a case opening on the right, with the logo correctly positioned and aligned on the front, and the calculator attached to the left side when open.

The logo is not quite so securely "set" (being out of the depression intended for it) and feels vulnerable to being accidentally scraped off. I think my next stage will be to try to reproduce the rectangular depression (maybe with a small hammer and a piece of hardwood) and then glue the logo back on with something a bit more tenacious than whatever H-P has chosen to use.

In any case, I hope I've made my case that the 35s' case is highly configurable.

(Just in case you wish to do something similar . . . )

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Wonder if the depression is heat set.


...(Just in case you wish to do something similar . . . )

I think I will. I spun mine around in the case to make the net toward the right also, but of course now the label is upside-down, which is mildly irritating. I'm left-handed, but use the calculator right-handed. I like to jam the calculator up against the right side of the paper.

Thanks for the tip.


I like the case on my hp 50g. Was there a mention here a few months ago regarding a case _not_ like the new hp 35s case, more like the hp 50g case or another hp calculator, that fit the hp 35s nicely?



You may well use the case of the 33s, as was mentioned some weeks ago already. It falls 1-2mm too short, but protects the 35s sufficiently and gives a more compact package. I use it this way. For rucksack students, however, I'd recommend the original.

HTH, Walter


I seem to remember that HP worked with a group (Or perhaps they were actually part of HP) that re-branded HP's equipment and re-sold it. The group was named something that came out to "dy". All they did was take the HP sigil on the items and turn it upside down.


Hi, Paul --

Those were industrious efforts to modify the HP-35s carrying case!

Here's a more philosophical issue: Have others seen what the design of the HP-35s case represents, versus cases of past models?

The concept for the HP-35s case seems to have been borrowed from the case for the $300 Bose noise-cancelling headphones: The user must unzip the logo-bearing case more than 180 degrees to reveal the product resting in a form-fitting well. The case sends a message: "There's something real special inside."

The carrying case for the shirt-pocketable models from the Voyager-series onward, however, were purely-functional slipcovers with subtle logoes. Their purpose was simply to protect the calculator from scuffs, scratches and spills. Removal of the device was easy: grasp its exposed edges and pull. Voyager- and Pioneer-series calculators fit in the standard pocket of a men's shirt, inside or outside the slipcover.

-- KS

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Hallo Karl, at least the 35S fits in the case of the 33S - should be handier for daily use. W.


When I have the 35S, I'll exchange the cover of the 33S and the 35S; the 33S (which will probably never be used anymore) will rest with no merit in the precious cover of the 35S, and the 35S will travel in the more usable pocket-enabled cover of the 33S; this is my intention. When I have the 35S.

In any case, all the posts in this Forum, referring to the 35S bugs or inconvenient features, made me slightly change my mind about it. I thought it was a wonderful machine, I realize it's a good perfectible calculator. Nothing more. My 15C seems to give me more joy (if I can so call the feeling in using it).

-- Antonio

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