HP 35 locking cradle


I've just bought an HP 35 from the unmentionable auction site. It works, but it's locked into a security cradle, and of course there's no key.

Is there any way of breaking it free without doing any damage to the calculator? Perhaps I should invest in a lock picking set ;)


I have had luck with alternate keys. As long as it is close it can be opened with wiggling. (Yeah I know not too comforting if you bought it for $800 in the day...)


Hmmh, these cradles were originally paid to secure the calc. The bottom plate is 2.5mm of flat steel, the lock bar has 3mm. So if you do not succeed in lock picking, there will be no other way but to sacrifice the cradle.

Turn around the cradle (the lock will rest on your desk now). Then grind away the plastic material at the bottom front of the cradle. It will take ca. 9mm material until the front latches will become free, but at least it is only plastic ;)

Happy burgling!


Consult a local locksmith - since you can bring it to them (no service call) it may be cheaper to pay the locksmith than to buy your own tools.


Agreed. My brother's a locksmith and he's picked and opened almost every lock given to him in the last 35 years. Once picked, they can also cut a key for you that will fit.


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