Trading at the HHC San Diego


Does anyone who is going to the conference:
Have a spare classic charger and want to trade for a couple of the other types?
Have a 70 and want to trade for a 91.
Have a non hp rpn that i don't already have (see )and want to trade for some calc related thing?
I'm not sure but i think you can contact me through the forum.


Hey, what SPARES of those non-HP RPN calculators do YOU have?

Got a spare Corvus 500? :-)

I'm pretty sure I could come up with a trade.

See you in a couple of weeks.


some spares may be had, including a functional corvus, but that'll cost you one of the other holy grails of the non hp rpn world. i can't write out on the forum's messaging thinger. email me if you want.

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