Sensory perception of calculators


We got into a little side joking around about eating an HP-10C in the Edsel discussion below.

Ok, I am not going to ask if anyone has ever tasted or ate one of their calculators.

But I will ask, has anyone ever noticed a smell difference between the various Hewlett Packard models? Or do they even smell different than Texas Instruments products?

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There is definitely a distinctive "HP calculator smell". I always loved the smell of my 28s--alas after 20yrs it has faded somewhat. All the new HPs I have gotten since (49g, 49g+ 50g, 13c and 33s), have shared this smell, except for the 35s. This one smells a little different to me--not as strong, but still recognizably HP. TIs and Casios have a more pedestrian plastic smell that fades quickly. But the HP smell is strong and long lasting. I confess that the smell of a calculator is important to me--and in that respect (as in so many others) nothing beats HP calcs.


Thanks! I have a bad sense of smell, and I could never tell.


My 48SX smells awful with cigarette smoke, and the case is so unusable I can't even keep it near anything else. I guess that's the chance you take when you get it 2nd hand.

Being a non-smoker, I can detect a single smoke molecule 10 meters up wind.

Anyone know how to get rid of the cigarette smell from the plastic?
Alcohol wipes worked fairly well to get rid of a lot of the initial smell, but a fair amount remains.


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