Anyone have text file of Valentín's Sudogen program? I rather copy and paste that than type everything in. I thought I could copy text from PDF, but it appear that there is protection on PDF preventing this.


I have found Text entry of Valentíns excellent program, but when I run, I get error that say ERR L35:Subscript. I do research in book and it appear that this is some sort of Array problem. When I type GERRM, though it say "Err:Excess Character" Line 35 have this code in it, and it look okay to me:

35 a(k div 9+1,mod(k,9)+1)=l(val(str$(num(b$[k div 2+1])-23)[i,i])) @ next k

Any idea?


Hi, Vincze:

    Thanks for your interest in my articles & associated programs.

    As for your difficulties with SUDOGEN, I suggest you check very carefully that the program listing, as produced by executing the LIST statement, does exactly agree with the listing in the article; it might be the case that some typos crept in while entering the program into the HP-71B.

    In particular, I suggest you begin checking these lines:

          15, 80, 81, and 82
    and if they check alright, then the whole listing. Also check that the program is the right size, i.e, 123 lines = 3902 bytes (with comments) or 88 lines = 3267 bytes (without comments).

    I test each and every program I publish by actually typing it in from a printed listing, as any reader would do, and then testing evey example provided in the article so, if properly entered, it shall run Ok.

Best regards from V.


I will do what you say my friend, but I able to copy the text from your PDF with an open source PDF viewer, so should be correct, if the PDF is correct. Regardless, I check lines you state.

With real 71B, how does one store program with card reader? I not find instructions in two manuals I get with unit, so I wonder if there is another manual I need to find this information out.

**EDIT** I see that in my program, 80 - 82 were not "exact" as it look like you have some lower case and some upper case. I have all uppercase. I retype to exactly what you have, still no luck.

Just curious, what does 80 - 82 do? It look like garbled text.

Edited: 7 Sept 2007, 2:06 p.m.


I think I see problem. Maybe. In line 81 & 82 in PDF it list back tick, or the ` sign. This is not valid character in Emu71, I take because it not allow me to enter. Is correct character the single tick, or ' character?

Yes, that must be it, because I test before I post this and now it work, but only when I display. If I select print, It generate same error again on L35. I wonder what so special with line 35. I would think lines 117 - 123 where problem must be as that where it look like .


>With real 71B, how does one store program with card reader?

>I not find instructions in two manuals I get with unit,

>so I wonder if there is another manual I need to find this information out.


Reread the part where the COPY command is explained...

(Hint: COPY filename TO device, where device is CARD)



BTW: Only halfway OT: If you have a real HP-48,

I can recommend you the fastest SuDoKu solver for that platform.

My SDK48 solves the 'diabolic' puzzle in less than 6 _seconds_.

A real HP-71B needs between ten and fifteen _minutes_ for this,

using Valentin's program.

Edited: 7 Sept 2007, 3:06 p.m.


My friend Raymond, I be very interested to see HP48 version of program.

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