What is Introduction to HP48 System RPL Worth?



I tried to sell Introduction to HP48 System RPL by James Donnelly and didn't get any takers. It is a new copy. What should I expect to sell it for?



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Hi bink,

according to TechSoft World the original list price was $25 but the used price is $377 !! In fact, I saw such an offer at the amazon marketplace and couldn*t believe it. I would be very interested in your copy but to be honest not for $377. If you would like to offer it a t a reasonable price please contact me by email.

Kind regards



I take it that you mean An Introduction to HP 48 System RPL and Assembly Language Programming? http://www.calcpro.com/ offers it for US$29.95. In case you're missing the floppy disk that should've been included with it, the source code for the programs is available at http://holyjoe.net/hp/HP48.htm.


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https://www.calcpro.com/ seems like a dead link :-(


It works for me, but http://www.calcpro.com/ is probably a better link. Sorry about that.



Sorry about that, no problemo when try today, links fine :-)

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