What do you use to write user rpl for the 50G?


What do you use to write program in user rpl for the 50G?
Nothing at all?
or any kind of software running on the PC or Mac?
I tried a few free software but it's still more difficult that what I used to do with PDL for the 48 series.


Hi Chan Tran.

Despite not being a UserRPL customary programmer, I found HP UserEdit 4.0 quite friendly and easy to use.

IIRC, it comes with its own EMU48 instance on board...

Hope this helps.

Best regards.



Link to updated version.



Am I missing something or is there not an English version?


Hi Brad.

The English version is available from www.hpcalc.org

The "language.dat" file is freely available for editing and translation (provided that:

Not modify the strings "%s", "|" and "&" ; that represent arguments for HPUserEdit

as the file heading recommends. For example, I translated it into Italian ;-)

(by the way, Italian Forum fellows: if you would like to get it from me, just drop me a line :-)

Hope this helps.

Best regards.



I would.

Of course.

-- Antonio

Note in italian for Giancarlo.

Mi ricordo dai tempi del Liceo che "of course" era una *libera* traduzione per "di corsa!", per cui se qualcuno chiedeva qualcosa, la voleva "of course". Naturalmente non è il tuo caso. Prenditela comoda.

-- Antonio

Edited: 5 Sept 2007, 11:28 a.m.


This give English commands, but how you get English menu and messages?

**EDIT** Never mind my friend, I see Language control in Option menu.

Edited: 5 Sept 2007, 1:44 p.m.

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