Great books that you'll enjoy


I just ordered Jean-Michel Muller's book on Elementary
functions, and am looking forward to reading it. Thanks
to the poster who mentioned it (sorry, I can't find your
name right now).

How about a topic for listing books that members of this
forum might enjoy? I'll start with five:

1. Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus
Date of Easter? Precession in elliptical coordinates?
Appearance of Saturn's rings? They're all in there.

2. Hacker's Delight by Henry S. Warren, Jr.
A cookbook of non-obvious ways to mix logical and
arithmetic operations in assembler. If you enjoyed
MIT's HAKMEM, this is for you.

3. Software Tools by Kernighan and Plauger
Despite the outdated language used (RATFOR), this
remains one of the best books for learning good
programming practice through examples.

4. Threaded Interpretive Languages, by L.G. Loeliger.
Probably hard to find, this vintage book will
teach you everything you need to write your own
Forth-like language.

5. Algebra by Michael Artin
(This is abstract algebra, not the linear kind.)
This textbook has just the right balance between abstract
ideas and concrete examples. If you've ever wondered
about permutation groups, polynomial rings, and Galois
theory, read this.


6. Dead Reckoning: Calculating Without Instruments, by Ronald Doerfler



7. That was timely, I just blogged about my fav. programming book 'The Sience of Programming': my java blog


8. "Math Toolkit for real-time programmers", CMP Books 2000, by J. Crenshaw [A must-have in my opinions]

-- Antonio


Addenda to the Jean Meeus list. There are four editions of his "Mathematical Astronomy": "Morsels I, II, III, and IV". The last has just been published.


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