Strange calculator math?


Found this on an auction site. What's interesting is if you blow up the picture of the back of the calc, and look at the "addition" example. Almost a weird kind of 50% RPN, 50% AOS. Anyone know anything about this calc?

Litronix 2290



head... hurts... postfix addition/subtraction, prefix multiplication/division? ouch...

edit: oh, my. it's worse than I thought...

Edited: 1 Sept 2007, 1:42 a.m.


I had to laugh at the comment on rskey:

"If there had been an award given for the least functional programmable calculator ever made..."




Found this on an auction site.

Thak you so much for this link, I've been looking for this thing quite some time and actually never seen one on eBay in Europe. Soon I will own one .-) (But there is one left with the seller right now).

But this calculator does not, unfortunately, have any kind of 'strange' math implemented. It is plain and simple 'AOS' (not really, because for true AOS, introduced by Ti when they brought out the SR-52, you need parentheses). They only placed the '=' on the '+'and '-' keys, thereby gaining a key for '%', 'sqrt' or whatever. The calculator 'knows' when to interpret the keystroke as '+' or '='.
This practise was very common then and I think, that I have more calculators bulit like this than otherwise.

Greetings, Max


(But there is one left with the seller right now).
Can you get me in contact, Max?



Can you get me in contact, Max?

It is article no. 330159939091 on eBay U.S. (Seller: iarnstein). Presently it says: '1 of 2 left'.

Good luck, Max


Not any more :-)


Congrats, Namir!


Congratulate me after I receive the machine and make sure it does work!!!




Have you asked how much he charges for shipping? This was what hindered me from buying it-he didn't answered fast enough, darn ;-).

However, I wish you good luck with it :-).


The auction states the shipping charges as $4.66.


Namir, if it works, bring it with you to the conference -- I'm sure there are a few of us who would like to see it in "action". ;-)

(I'm thinking about buying one of those Soviet MK-xx calcs; I might bring it with me for examination too...)



Will do!!!


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