Dynatech is selling HP 35s in germany!


The german Firm Dynatech now has the 35s in Stock for 69,95 Euro.



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This afternoon I already asked them if they will ship to Italy... no reply until now... ;)

Thanks anyway!



Hi Juergen,

I think the link should read www.dynatech.de ,

with two dots instead of a comma;-)




They are also offering at TAS, but watch it: you'll save 30 Euros (ca. 41 US$) on a 50G using their website instead!


I don't want to interfere with anyones business. But even for European buyers it might be cheaper to get the calculator from Samson Cables.


The problem is that I'm still waiting for my 35s since Aug 1st, 2007. Somehow they managed to misplace my order.


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