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I placed an order 08/23/2007 with Samson for the HP-35s. The status of my order still reads 'not processed'. Monday I asked them and got reply it would ship that day. Funny thing is it still read 'not processed'.

I propably will email them again, have a feeling things are ok (that I will be told it shipped), but anyone else with experience with their online invoice not updated?

Should I worry?


Should I worry?

Not at all. I had the same situation with Samson Cables. It seems that they update their webpage tracking information slower than they do the real job.

Anyway, my HP35s arrived to me in exactly 7 days (Salt Lake City to Split) after my order was placed.

You should expect that everything will be OK. This is at least my experience.


That reasuring to hear.

Actual they have been *very* promptly answering my emails, so that kindof balances things up.

Been pestering (litle and very polite) them a bit on this issue, because when they have this service I think they should make it work...


Hi Arne.

I had the same discovery with Samson. As stated above, the web page seems to be MUCH slower to be updated than the actual order status. I wouldn't worry too much about it.



SC may have a bit slow methods to handle the paperwork (i.e. "bitwork" nowadays) sometimes. Nevertheless they've shipped my HP35s properly. So if everything is clear from your side, you paid and you passed all necessary information, just wait. For Europe, I won't get nervous for 2 weeks after they claim they shipped.

HTH, Walter



Now my order states both that it has been shipped and canceled!

And there is an email to me from them saying that they are sorry: They could not execute the order because the US party of HP-35s gone!


1. Since I am in Europe I was supposed to get it from their European office. This for speed and not paying custom (they handle).
2. Monday they told me it was going out.

Well the good news in the mail is that now(!) it is being shipped from europe...

Lets hope I make it in on their European stock of 35s...

Edited: 30 Aug 2007, 4:37 a.m.


Hi Arne.

I think you should not worry - mine was shipped from Spain as well (Alicante, IIRC), even though they did not advise me before that.

I'm confident everything is going well :-)




I am to.

But reading the latest the mail from Samson it seems a mistake was made so my order would have gone out from the states, BUT I was saved by the fact they run out of 35s state side! The importance aside from time to get it to me is I would have had to pay custom extra if transported over the drink.

I know have a very funny invoice :-) It says: Order canceled, shipped and fully paid!

One nice thing though is that it seems like the 35s sells like if numbers where going out of fashion!

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