Question about HP48GX Manuals


Which manuals came with a new HP48GX??

I thought it was a Quick Start guide and a User Manual. However, I also saw one reference that said the Advanced User Guide came with it as well. Did this happen normally or ever?



Here is the reference:

The problem is that I have not seen this included with any HP 48GXs.


The 48G series AUR was an "extra cost" option that had to be ordered as a separate item. The same was true of the 48SX Programmer's Reference Manual. If one of these happens to be included with a calculator, consider it a bonus.


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"Did this happen normally or ever?"

Nope. There wasn't even room in the box. The AUR was extra (and on coarser stock with comb binding, on the one I have).


--- Les


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(and on coarser stock with comb binding, on the one I have)

I think that I've seen one like that, or perhaps it was the 48SX Programmer's Refererence Manual, and it appeared to be photocopied from the original so-called "perfect bound" manual. I think that HP may have done this after those models were already out of production and the stock of professionally published manuals was used up. lists an "HP 48 Advanced Users Reference Manual", Item# HP90136, for US$29.95 under "Books - Sci. & Graphing Calc's", but as to which edition and binding type it is, I wouldn't know; one could ask though.

A scan of the AUG is available at


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"I think that HP may have done this after those models were already out of production and the stock of professionally published manuals was used up."

Could be - I got mine from Wholesale Advantage, probably in 2000 or 2001. I don't mind the comb binding, as at least it lies flat on the desk (not that I've been using it that much).


--- Les



I bought both the "48SX programmer reference manual" and the "48GX Advance User Guide". They are both extra cost books.


The version I received from Calcpro of the 48G AUR several years ago was bound much like the 35s manual, a glued, paper binding. I don't know what that's called in the trade, but it's certainly not spiral, if that's what some might expect.

The binding isn't important here; the contents of that 48G Series Advanced User's Reference guide are priceless.


During the 1998-1999 time frame, the AUR was distributed in a 3-ring binder. That's what I have. See previous discussion here.

So it sounds like the AUR may have been issued in three different bindings at various times: glued, comb, 3-ring

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Son of a gun!

You AND I both were in the discussion... and I FORGOT IT COMPLETELY!! Oh well, if you vouch for it, I'll believe it!

Anyway, on the lower left back cover in small pitch type, it says, "Printed in Singapore 12/94", and on the lower right, "Edition 4".

I'd be curious to know what yours... or anyone else's says.


My AUR has the same info on the back cover. In my case, the front and back cover pages measure 9.5 by 9.5 inches, and are inserted into pockets on the covers of a similarly-sized 3-ring binder. But the pages inside the binder are only 8.5 by 5.5 inches, the same as in the User's Guide.

The width of the binder, measured at the spine, is about 3.3 inches thick. Since the binder also has 9.5 by 9.5 inch covers, the sheer volume of the "binder" AUR is probably enormous compared to the volume of the "comb" or "glued" AURs.

My AUR also says "Printed in Singapore" on the bottom of the title page. On the reverse side of the title page, there is an "Edition History" table, which indicates the following:

Edition 1...July 1993

Edition 2...January 1994

Edition 3...May 1994

Edition 4...December 1994

I would guess that Edition 4 was the last one, and that every AUR printed after 12/94 had the same text, regardless of binding

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