32sII keyboard key noise


My calculator has been used heavily. Over the course of time, the 'C' and blue shift key have developed a clicking or snapping sound when pressed. I believe it's due to the keys no longer being held under tension and when depressed, they travel a little until they come in contact with something which causes this audible noise. I'm sure some folks here have run across this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this? I can live with it, but I find it irritating.


I have the same thing on my old Woodstock HP-25c occasionally (granted, a different keyboard...). It's like a brief hesitation, followed by a firm click. Makes the key noticeably louder, but otherwise functions the same. I'm more prone to accidentally not pressing it fully if I'm not paying attention.

I'm assuming something just got in between the key and the board, but I'd love to hear if others have solved this problem.


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