Permutation Typo?


I do search and not see this before, so I am looking for clarification. I have to do a permutation this morning and when I look on page 4-15 of 35s manual, it is my understanding that to find a permutation, I must type N (number of items) first, then press nPr and then r (number of items at a time). If I follow this instruction, I get INVALID DATA message.

Am I correct in thinking that I must enter n into calculator and hit ENTER, then enter r and press nPr? This seem to give correct result. Did I misread manual?

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Check the "Note" in the box on page 1-10 of the manual.

The go back to page 4-15.

While I'm not a big fan of this approach, it is what it is.


That would seem to indicate that when the check is seen, they are showing it in RPN. That still does not make sense as my calculator in RPN.


That would seem to indicate that when the check is seen, they are showing it in RPN. That still does not make sense as my calculator in RPN.

A minor typo possibly; they gave the ALG instructions. But as always with RPN, two arguments THEN the operation, ie., 15 nPr 5 should be entered 15 ENTER 5 nPr. I've seen the blue check in various places it shouldn't be.


Thank you my friend for the clarification.

Mt friend Gene, did you write this page? ;)


No, I did not.

I'm not a big fan of the check mark approach.

I would rather see instructions given in both logic systems all the time.


It would be wrong even if ALG was meant. It just does not work this way.


Good find, Vincze. Seems an update to the manual is in order.


I going to assume Combinations on same page wrong too. It has same input format.

I wonder why HP decide to use check mark approach on this? I wonder if other check mark examples flawed too. I also wonder if just certain technical writer ones who do check mark examples, and other do other way?

It sure be nice to have PDF of manual.


Oh my! Too close to things - my only defense.

Yes, this language looks like a portion where the original description for the HP33s was kept by mistake.

The HP35s uses a more Equation Operating System style flavor of algebraic compared to the HP33s.

As such, algebraic functions are prefix functions now (except for factorial, which still doesn't make sense to me).

But, the manual appears to be based upon the 33s manual and this was missed.

FYI, I don't know why the PDF of the manual is not up yet.


I take it you get in trouble if you shared PDF version?


What PDF version? Don't know what you are talking about.


PDF version of 35s manual. From your message it seem to indicate that there is one.

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