HP calculator in the comic strips?


Did anyone read "FoxTrot" in Sunday's comic section? I love that strip; the kids are so...familiar. ;-)

Anyhow, in the strip, Jason introduces his new calculator. One with two other keys and an "ENTER" key. Sound familiar?

Check it out. At least for today, it's located here: http://www.foxtrot.com/




Ha Ha, boy in hat sound like my son saying Dad "I thought you said calculators are for wimps."


Thanks for the link!

I think the cartoonist (Bill Amend) probably violated his
NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with HP by releasing this
information on the HP-16Cs before HP's official announcement.
Perhaps he isn't going into "semi-retirement", maybe HP has
muzzled him!


dona nobis pacem


And I'll bet they don't have to put a *b* after the binary zeroes and ones to let the calc know it is binary!!


Thanks, Bruce! The calc even features a WIDE enter :) And there is another German word merging into American: "über", just without the 2 dots because American typist don't have them, became part of "uber-cool" ;)


Thanks for providing the link, Bruce. I read the Sunday strip and thought about posting a link, but didn't look it up.

Presumably, Peter will press the two number keys on the three-button binary calc to display "10", not "01"...

Bill Amend has regularly featured modest math and calculation tasks in his Sunday "Fox Trot" comic strips -- none that would challenge us, but are probably unfamiliar to most Americans, alas.

-- KS

Edited: 28 Aug 2007, 4:54 a.m.

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