HHC2007 HP Handhelds Conference News Update



For those on the fence regarding the HHC2007 conference in San Diego
on September 29-30th, things are looking really good with 4 HP
calculator-division people scheduled to speak, along with our 15
others who have expressed their desire to give presentations. We are
still expecting also to show Steve Liebson's new video interview with
Dave Cochran, one of those who were intstrumental in bringing the
HP9100 desktop and HP35 pocket calculators to life. There are
currently over 60 people registered to be in attendance.

***Also, if you haven't yet made hotel reservations, the special $99.-per-night conference discounted rate is only available if you register with the Holiday Inn before September 1st, so hurry. ***

In the "HP and HHC News" section, a new announcement has been posted
regarding the HP Calculator Division's new GM. In addition, on the
main page check out version 4 of the door-prize list, which has now
grown to allow for at least one prize for every currently-registered

Also check out the section called "British HPCC Users Conference",
covering some aspects of the upcoming HPCC 25th-Anniversary conference at the Imperial College in London on October 13-14th.

Consult http://holyjoe.net/hhc2007/ on the web for all the details.

See you at the end of September,

Jake Schwartz


This is turning out well. Looking forward to the conference, 35S/50G/49G+/ and all fo the HP calcs and all.



Thanks for the update.. only a month to go!

Regarding the new General Manager of HP's calculator Division, it appears that Mr. Wing Cheung went to the University of Oregon (Eugene, OR), which is only a hop, skip, and a jump from Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR), where HP designed all the great calculators in the late-70's to mid-90's (I'll bet Mr. Cheung is probably too young to have been there during that era - see bottom right

Beaverton, OR


In the "HP and HHC News" section, a new announcement has been posted regarding the HP Calculator Division's new GM.

Cool! An announcement from the future!! [edit: fixed]

See you there, Jake -- it's been a few years!

Edited: 27 Aug 2007, 8:36 p.m.

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