HP-35s LCD Discoloration


Is it common for the LCD screens on calculators (in this case the HP-35s) to have discoloration?
Mine has a yellowish area; is there a known fix for this? Anyone know the causes?


I've read here of at least two other people complaining of yellowing lcds, and I noticed three days after purchase that mine was yellowed as well.

But that is all I know and I don't think that it's been discussed enough for a consensus to have formed.


My 35S is (and was at purchase) green everywhere except along the lower edge, where it is yellowish.

One of my 48GX calculators is more blue in one area where the LCD was "bruised".


One thing I noticed last night... when comparing a 35s to a 33s is that the 33s has a better display (noticeably clearer when compared side by side). The 35s display has never bothered me though.

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