HP 18-C Type of Batteries Needed


Would anyone have information on what type/size of battery is needed for the HP 18-C? I know that 3 batteries are required, but I don't know what size of battery. Thanks!


You should use Type "N" Batteries (NO RECHARGABLES). They are also called "LADY" cells. A third mark on the batteries, which I never heard of, is "AM5" Voltage: 1.5V . You need three Batteries.

My 28C has VARTA No. 4001 Alkaline. This may not be useful for you, because I live in Austria. Don't know, if VARTA sells in the U.S. I can try to find out other Battery types, but the above Information should suffice for getting them.

Insert the Batteries in the orientation shown at the back of the calculator.

If you need 1 minute or less, chances are excellent, that your calculator has kept its memory.


Both Radio Shack and Wal-Mart carry type "N" batteries; I'm sure they can be found in other stores as well.


I do not know the HP 18 C specifically, but "N" size batteries, also used on the HP 41 models, are also known as "MN 9100" size, at least when made by Duracell.


Note, thet you can also use "N" type accumulators instead of the batteries. This is more convenient than the accu pack. You must load them externally though.

"N" type accus also are larger in size (longer) than their counterparts in the accu pack (the accu pack includes the charger electronics - very primitive), so that the "N"accus will hold more charge than the pack.

HP18C, 28C/S and 19B/BII users: please remind that you can't use these accumulators (see the manual).

In these calculators the batteries last forever (maybe), so that there is not much need to use accus.

If somebody wants to get these accus, I'd recommend asking radio shack (don't know if they have them - but anybody says "ask radio shack", when somewone needs electronics parts). In Austria or Germany I'd use Conrad Elektronik or RS Components (I'm not affiliated with any of these Companies, others may have these accus too).


Why does everybody make this SOOOO complicated?? Sharon, just stop in at the local Radio Shack like Wayne suggested, go to the rotating battery display and buy two 2-packs of size "N" cells. Ask the sales geek if you need help. You'll need 3 for your 18C. Forget about all this "accumulator" and "MN9100" mumbo-jumbo geek-speak. The lady just wants batteries for her calculator, guys!! Jeez.


Frank: I don't think that giving the Duracell model number for "N" size batteries is "mumbo-jumbo geek-speak"; and please note that there are places in the world where there is no "local Radio Shack" at hand (Sharon does't state her address or country in her message). For instance, here in Argentina, an Eveready or Duracell reference would be more useful. By the way, I *do* visit (and enjoy) Radio Shack stores every time I can: usually once a year, when visiting the USA.


Yeah, perhaps I was a little hasty in my reply. Sorry to all the folks not based in the good ol' U S of A! I'll tell you this: Radio Shack is the best place for batteries! I buy them by the case (I currently have 28 HP calculators). The Radio Shack geek behind the counter loves me and knows me by name!

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