I don't believe. :-)


Exists people with a lot of luck :-) 

Link Ebay





Never saw something like that on german ebay. OTOH, I got an Heathkit OC-1401 for 20EUR some time ago, like new...and that was a real auction! :-).


I bet it was a mistake and that the buy-it-now price should have been $99.00, not $0.99.



Oh geez... why can't I have that kind of luck.

I have feeling buyer going to have hard time getting the calc for that price even though they win it.


Hi, yes I did feel very lucky until I received an email this morning:

"I respectfully ask you release me from my obligation to complete this auction. It was supposed to be listed as an auction and I mistakenly listed as a Fixed Price. I am selling this for a friend and he is expecting a lot more than 99 cents. "

Oh well easy come, easy go...


Oh well easy come, easy go...

You did the right thing. I wish you are lucky again, although all this publicity may have spoiled it all. So far, still 99 cents:

link to that item in TAS (That Auction Site)



Edited: 24 Aug 2007, 10:48 p.m.


I Plugged in converter (without batteries) and the calculator did not turn on.

Where, pray tell, on a 41CX, did he manage to connect the AC adapter with no battery pack installed? (I'm almost afraid to ask).

Hal :/


If he plugged it into the charger port without a battery pack, there would have been nothing to make an electrical connection. So it's not surprising that the calculator did not turn on.


I am surprised Coburlin did not see it first


I was thinking the same thing. I saw an auction he had last week for a ridiculous amount for one calc. It was shocking.

You know, what amazes me most about his auctions is not that he's bold, or that he privately contacts sellers to consummate a deal before anyone else can get it (low balling it in the process). What bugs me about his auctions is that he jacks up the selling prices SO HIGH that they are almost, literally, unbelievable.

He probably reasons (maybe even rightly so) that if he waits long enough, some poor shmuck will come by and pay it, but that's really preying on those who don't know any better. It's what scam artists do to other people, but I don't know that we could quite classify him as a scam artist just yet. He's CLOSE, though. ;-)



Ethical debate:

If this exact item was up originally, under the same conditions, would a "Couburlin" buyer let the seller out of the transaction once the seller realized their mistake? Or would a "Couburlin" buyer take advantage of the situation and make the seller complete it under the terms specified?



By definition a "corburlin" buyer would take advantage of the situation and hold the seller to the terms of the auction!


Good on you for not acting like that, Robissimo, though I know it must have been painful!



Practically, the seller could return the funds and refuse to sell. Negative feedback could be appealed to eBay with a fair chance of being reversed. Even if it stood, an explanation of the circumstances in reply would likely satisfy anyone looking at the feedback later.



Regardless of how it might have turned out, I think it was very gentlemanly of Robissimo to accede to the seller's wishes gracefully.

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