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Hi all,

Just received my 35s here in Vancouver, Canada. Before getting the new machine all grungy (it is destined to be my day-to-day work calc), I thought I should take a few photos of it. Unfortunately I don't have my SLR (sold it in anticipation of a new Canon model coming in early September) but I managed some halfway decent shots with my point & shoot Canon Pro1.

New HP-35s Gallery

I will say that the 35s looks far more handsome in person that it did to me on the photos I had seen previously. I very much like the styling and am not too bothered by the cursor keys. I won't bother adding too much since this calculator has been reviewed "to death" already, however there are a couple of things I would like to mention...

1) No comma separators when keying in a number! Argh... one of the best features of the older "pure" RPN calculators and something I have always missed on my 49g+ and 50g. Now that's also missing from the 35s. Too bad...

2) No question, a vastly superior LCD when compared to my first-generation 33s. Better contrast and much more visible off-axis, as well as having comma separators that are clearly distinct from the decimal point. Compressed font is not as esthetically pleasing as the almost square-pixel one on the 33s, but it is readable so I can't/shouldn't really complain!

3) Excellent keyboard but I had an off-kilter 5 key. I grabbed and twisted it a little and now it is almost flat and level with the others. Love the big ENTER key of course!

4) Surprised to see that R/S doesn't interrupt a loop as reliably as older machines. Sometimes you can press it over and over before it responds. Not a hardware contact problem though. Pressing the ON/C key will interrupt and halt a program instantly though.

5) LCD is perfectly straight AFAICT and an almost straight s/n label is also nice to see.

Probably won't do too much programming on it since my 50g fulfills that need nicely. Don't think I can get used to a 4 level stack, no local vars, no non-GOTO based looping constructs, no proper I/O, no non-trivial labels or many of the other things I had been taking for granted on the RPL machines.

Still, I very much like the 35s and it will be a challenge to port over some of my astronomy programs and such - it does have some very interesting features to mess around with. It is also certainly far more svelte than my bulky 50g and thus easier to carry around.

Mike Mander

P.S. Now, bring on the 43s!!!


Nice! Great work done for us that lives in country not getting any before next year...

Two pictures I liked the most: The practical case, look like it may be practical to work from it and the close up of the enter key (I was not dreaming, the BIG KEY is back!).


Hi Arne.

Canada is not getting any 35's either, however I ordered mine from Samson Cables (and I assume a lot of other people did as well). I would think that you could obtain one a lot quicker than Christmas by going that route.

I have heard SOME negative comments, but the people at Samson were first class as far as I was concerned.


Wow, they have em in Switzerland and UK but not in Canada (which last time I visited had USA borders...)!!!

Well, it is propably I may find a way to get one before end of year somehow. My company has coworkers working in the states and they visit, one being a math professor at Oak Ridge <- perfect guy to smuggle hp35s over boarders :-), realy like the USA price..., doubt the local price will be in the 60$ neighbourhood... :-(

Thnks for shop tip, look nice!

Edited: 23 Aug 2007, 10:36 a.m.


I'm in Canada and ordered mine from the York University book store (which sells to anyone, not just York students).


Their price is a bit higher than the US prices ($85 Cdn), but shipping is only $6. By the time you add shipping from a US source and do the exchange rate thing, it's about the same.


Edited: 23 Aug 2007, 10:37 a.m.


Was your display straight or did it have that wonky angle towards the upper right side, noticeable with all the annunciators lit. I have an opportunity to have mine inspected by them (York University Bookstore) before they ship. What specifically should I ask of them during their inspection? I couldn't care less about the serial number sticker, but I do care about the display and the keys, case etc. Thanks,



Hi Jim,

Nothing wrong with Samson - I have bought from them myself and was very happy with the service...

However Canada does now have stock on the 35s! I work in a camera store but have also been known to sell HP calculators. My HP distributor currently has five in stock in Richmond, BC (just outside of Vancouver) and I can order in and resell them for $69 CDN each. I do orders with this supplier on a fairly regular basis so there would be no extra charge if I can order a calculator along with one of my regular purchase orders. If I order below the prepaid $1000 threshold with this supplier, there would be a $15-$20 extra shipping/handling fee roughly. We are not really set up for web/phone orders though, so it would have to be for walk-in customers only. Sorry...

If anyone in the Vancouver area wants to contact me, my work email is:

digital [AT] beauphoto [DOT] com

If you are elsewhere in Canada and have a preferred computer store, they can contact Synnex Canada and if they have an account with them, the store should be able to order any current model HP calculator in for you. The first batch of 35s calculators just came in a couple of days ago. At present Synnex's Toronto warehouse only has one unit available though. Note that Synnex is a distributor and will not sell directly to end users.

Hopefully no one takes offense at this note. If the moderator would like to delete this message, then please do so!

Mike Mander


Thanks Mike! Glad to hear that we frostbacks got the 35's. I based my comment on an internet search, and I couldn't find one anywhere. So, naturally, being an engineer - I gave up.

Er, no, actually I went to HP.ca, and they still have not listed the 35S on their website (at least as of yesterday).

I am very pleased to hear your store is stocking them, and I hope you don't mind if I keep your email address in my contact list. I have a few more to get for friends and family.


Hi Jim,

I certainly don't mind you keeping my email in your contact list - please do!

Just to be totally clear, my store is not actually keeping them in stock (we are a pro camera shop), however a distributor we deal with on a regular basis is keeping small numbers of all current HP's calculators on hand, so we can generally bring one in for someone fairly quickly.

Mike Mander


Hi Jim,

I have a friend who works at HP here in Ottawa and he can't even get his hands on one through the HP Employee shopping site. They are told by HP Canada to go through the York University Bookstore in Toronto just like everyone else. I gave up and ordered mine through York U a couple of days ago. I just hope the display isn't crooked...




Hi Mike:

When I try to look at your gallery, my browser just says "The server at mikemander.servehttp.com is taking too long to respond."



Never mind. My ISP is blocking that site for some reason.


Probably for the same reason mine is too: it's on a non-standard port (8008). I'll check it out when I get home...



My wife caught me staring at those pictures for way too long.. I am so busted.

Nice photos by the way.. My 35s won't be far more handsome in person now thanks to your quality work. You've bridged the previous gap considerably.

Now, if I could have a 1440x900 of "_MG_0037.jpg" it would be my new desktop wallpaper ;)

Btw, looking forward to your astronomy programs. Please post if you are willing. Nice review.




Here is your wish: 1440x900 HP-35s Wallpaper


Mike Mander


Awesome, thanks. Great wallpaper for my MacBook Pro..

Now all I need is an hp 35s..



A few more notes:

My server is on port 8008 since my ISP is blocking port 80. A humble little Apple iMac (swing-arm "iLamp" model) is acting as my web-server and I only have a relatively slow DSL uplink speed. Also, within minutes of posting the message, my modem's activity light went nuts and looking at my server log, there a tons of people accessing the gallery! Sorry for any issues people are having seeing the images...

Regarding the R/S versus ON/C responsiveness, actually ON/C is not 100% reliable at stopping fast loops either - better than R/S though it seems.

To the person who wanted wallpaper, I will try to post a larger version of the requested file when I am home from work tonight.

Mike Mander


You might want to think about 8080. That's considered the "second" tier port for web servers. A fair amount of blocked firewalls will still permit activity on 80 and 8080, in addition to https connections.

I wonder if I could run a web server on my Treo? ;-)



Well I used to run it on 8080 but then had several complaints... so thought I'd try 8008, which is also listed as an alternative port for web-servers. Oh well... you can't win.

Thanks for the tip though... maybe I'll change it back to 8080.


Naturally the moment you change it back to 8080, someone will recommend trying it on 8008. ;-) It's a no win situation when you aren't on 80...



Beautiful pictures! (Nice table... oh, er, ah, nice calculator, too.)

Your "5" key only looks the slightest bit out of line if I stared at it hard.

I had a slightly different problem when I got mine. It didn't have to do with the calculator itself; rather, the upper (righties') strap inside the case was attached on the left side only by, like, a few fibers! I had to stretch that end a little more and epoxy that stretched over quarter inch region to the side of the case. (I used 5 minute epoxy.)

After about five minutes, it dried and hardened enough that I can now use it as if it was originally sewn (or glued) on properly.

I sort of wish my issue with it was just a slightly slanted key!



I tried my best to straighten out the 5 key before taking most of the photos. Here is a closeup of the crooked key before I straightened it out: crooked_five.jpg

When I first got it, I did not notice the five key being askew... only after closely looking at the first few photos did I see it!

Mike Mander


In first picture. What kind of paperweight between the bottom two calculators? ;)


You mean the silver doorstop?

I think it's a prototype made by a 'designer' on steroids,

which was never meant to be released, but somehow escaped...

The key arrangement indicates the push direction,

when used as a doorstop;-)


My friend Raymond, thank you for correcting me. I thought it was paperweight, but now you enlighten me to the true use of said object. I will sleep better now knowing what I should use it for.


I have to laugh. After seeing what folks comment and mention about their complaints and issues with the 35s, there is a photo in the spread that sums up the history of the calculator so far in a single button.

"G" For "Gee whiz this is a nice calculator" but...
"theta" noone likes the theta symbol
"i" the messiness of the complex features of the calculator (including P->R, etc.)
Finishing with...




ARG! Love it... thanks for the laugh!

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