Altitude/Azimuth pgm, Part 1 for35S


pgm converts RA & DEC of celestial objects to Altitude & Azimuth. I use it for a small scope I take on vacation. Each command is seperated by a comma below. lbl H,fix 2, input U,input D, input L, 6.619 , rcl D,0.0657, * , +, rcl U, 1.0027, *, +, rcl L, 15, /, -, 24, X exchange Y, X less equals Y, -, STO W, input R, rcl W, rcl R, -, 15, *, sto X, rcl X, sin, stoY, input C, sin, rcl T, sin, *, rcl C, cos, rcl T, cos, rcl X, cos, *, *, +, asin, sto V, rcl V, sin, rcl C, sin, rcl T , sin , rcl V, sin, *, -, enter, rcl T, cos, rcl V, cos, *, /, acos, rcl Y, X greater or equal 0 ?, xeq Eoo1, Roll down, xeq foo1, lbl E, roll down, 360, X exchange, -, sto W, lbl F , sto Z, view Z, rcl V, view V, rtn , Z=azimuth in decimal degrees, V= altitude in dec degrees, U= GMT in decimal minutes, ie 4hours 15 minutes=4.25, D = day number, L = longitude of observor,T = latitude of observor, R= RA, C = declination-both in decimal degrees. In part 2 I will explain how to use pgm. I am not an engineer etc so I am sure people will come up with shorter/faster changes- also I cant actually label the various names like I CAN IN MY 42S , HOPEFULLY someone can show us how to do this on the 35s?! I have used this pgm for past 3 weeks and it gets me within a few degrees of the object. Howard


No offense, but this very hard to read.


I agree, see above posts, Howard



Please don't reply this post. Just try to edit it. When you'll get to the editing window copy from the first pre on, then paste it to your own post. Make the necessary corrections and changes you like. When you're done, I'll delete this.



H001 LBL H H022 - H043 RCL X H064 COS
H002 FIX 2 H023 STO W H044 COS H065 *
H003 INPUT U H024 INPUT R H045 * H066 /
H004 INPUT D H025 RCL W H046 * H067 ACOS
H005 INPUT L H026 RCL R H047 + H068 RCL Y
H006 6.619 H027 - H048 ASIN H069 x>=0?
H007 RCL D H028 15 H049 STO V H070 XEQ E001
H008 0.0657 H029 * H050 RCL V H071 ROLL DOWN
H009 * H030 STO X H051 SIN H072 XEQ F001
H010 + H031 RCL X H052 RCL C E001 LBL E
H012 1.0027 H033 STO Y H054 RCL T E003 360
H013 * H034 INPUT C H055 SIN E004 x<>y
H014 + H035 SIN H056 RCL V E005 -
H015 RCL L H036 RCL T H057 SIN E006 STO W
H016 15 H037 SIN H058 * F001 LBL F
H017 / H038 * H059 - F002 STO Z
H018 - H039 RCL C H060 ENTER F003 VIEW Z
H019 24 H040 COS H061 RCL T F004 RCL V
H020 x<>y H041 RCL T H062 COS F005 VIEW V
H021 x<=y? H042 COS H063 RCL V F006 RTN

Edited: 20 Aug 2007, 10:14 p.m. after one or more responses were posted


site would not accept my edit, only a few corrections are necessary following your numbering of pgm steps. HO12 should read 1.0027, EOO4 should read X exchange Y , every thing else OK, thanks for your help, Howard



You might want to take a look at advanced formatting techniques.



Edited: 20 Aug 2007, 10:14 p.m.


as you probably deduced, Im not a computer person - however I will ck out the formatting techniques, Howard

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