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I stumble across website last night on HP site that house all old HP Journals. It very nice to read some of these. It look like it go up to 1998, but then stop. What happen to the journal, did it just stop being made?


The answer is on the same site:

"The HP Journal was published from 1949 - 1998, earning a well-respected tradition of excellence."


Why they stop publication?


Perhaps 1998 was when they stopped doing anything interesting, thus having something interesting to write about?

An interesting coincidence that 49 and 98 were the number of steps of program memory in several of the early HP programmables.



Stefan, are you a numerologist? :)

Well yes, in fact HP did stop doing anything interesting about then because they were about to spin off Agilent and Agilent Labs -- the source of most of the stuff in the journal and almost all the interesting things that HP did. I don't know why Agilent didn't keep the Journal running, perhaps they just didn't have the funding to do so.

.... after searching the internet a bit.....

Curiously, they seemed to have just recently revived the journal as
Agilent Measurement Journal. It's a shame that the calculator division isn't part of Agilent.

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Stefan, are you a numerologist? :)

No, I just have this runaway pattern matcher always running in the background in my brain. I tend to notice pointless meaningless stuff like that (along with a lot of pointful meaningful stuff too of course).


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