Compiling Free42 for Linux under Ubuntu (64-bit)


After expermenting a bit for several hours deleting and reinstalling my Ubuntu virtual machine on the iMac, I have come to the conclusion that the following steps allow for the successful compilation of Thomas Okken's code:

1. Install Ubuntu 7.04, and when prompted install the updates.
2. After reboot, in Synaptic Package Manager search for and select: libgtk2.0-dev, lesstif2-dev, libxpm-dev, and libxmu-dev.
3. After installation of these packages enter either the motif or gtk subdirectories of the free42 directory tree and make the binary version by simply typing "make", and the decimal version by "make -e BCD_MATH=1".

I have found that using the lesstif package seems simpler than motif since the package manager in the former case seems to magically install as well some necessary X Windows development stuff that Motif does not. You have to find and install them manually, and in the spirit of overkill I probably grabbed a bunch of disk wasting stuff I don't need since I don't know for sure what is needed. Instead, choosing the above 4 dev packages above will select a total of about 40 packages that seem to be a minimal installation required to compile this excellent program in this flavour of Linux.

Thank you to Thomas and others for guiding me in this little adventure, and for the forebearance of the forum in indulging this discussion that is at best incidental to its main mandate of "real" vintage HP calculators. I hope other newbie Linux programming amateurs who start out with something like Ubuntu will benefit from my recent adventures.


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Ubuntu is a very nice package, for graphical Linux. I must admit though, I like non graphical Linux/Unix better.


Hi Les,

While I'm sorry we didn't get Free42 to build as a 32-bit application under 64-bit Ubuntu, it's good to hear that the 64-bit build was successful without too much trouble. My own experience building a 32-bit version under 64-bit Fedora was painless by comparison, but I suspect that a lot of credit for *that* goes to the sysadmins at my office who do an excellent job of setting up everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Fedora installations for us spoiled developers. One can't expect that kind of thing with a Linux For The Masses like Ubuntu, perhaps. ;-)

Your troubles building the Motif version of Free42 are mostly a sign of the times; while Motif has been the standard for building GUI applications in Unix environments for many years, it has been eclipsed by GTK and other newcomers in recent years, and right now the only thing keeping it from oblivion are a few legacy applications that haven't been ported to newer toolkits yet. Getting a Linux installation ready for Motif-based development is getting to be more and more of a pain with each passing year. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Well, enough of all this Linux talk; back to our HP calculators, be they real or simulated. :-)

- Thomas

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