41CX repair advice.


I just purchased a very good looking 41CX, but it is flaky. It took a while to get it to power on. It will not power on with the advantage ROM installed (my other 41CX does). After removing the advantage ROM I have to press enter a few times with the batteries out before it will power up again. Memory Lost is not reported after this however. My HP-IL adapter also does not work with the 41CX, I can power up, but get transmit errors. If I fail to get a refund from the seller, what do you all recommend for troubleshooting this device?



Most common problems are corroded battery contacts and contact springs,

then the connection between the case halves (kwd zebra stripe)

then a dried capacitor.

If it's not a hardware problem, just initiate a cold start.

Sometimes it also helps to clean the port contacts from dust with a Q-tip...




Contacts all look clean.

41CX just decided to not power on anymore.

Cold start? How?



Press On and <-

My 41CX started to freak out a few years ago. Can't remember what triggered it now. I press On and nothing happens. I press On and <- and the summation+ symbol is displayed along with BAT. I press a key and it changes to NULL (and BAT). The batteries are fresh and no BAT annunciator on my 41C with that same battery pack.

I tried what I could, but gave up. Sent it in to fixthatcalc.com and awaiting repair. Hopefully its fixable. If not, I'll cry. Bought it in college about 20 years ago and had served me very well up until the day it broke (2001-2002).

I picked up the 41C a couple of years ago, to try to take the place of the 41CX. Not the same as the CX, altho it came with a card reader, quad memory, advantage pac, and time module. The 41C still works. Best of all, got it free. Friend was moving across country and didn't need it anymore. Was digging around his full garage full of "junk" and saw the carrying case. At first glance, I nearly had a heartattack and ran over to it. Opened it up and saw what was better than a bar of gold. A couple other friends were rummaging around and they just stared at me. Good, no competition.

Just bought up a 35s (arrived Wed, 8/15). Compared to my 41C/CX and 15C, that thing is fast. (yeah, I've read the other threads on the 35s... good & bad). So far, I'm happy with it and will take that with me to work. Afraid of my lone 41C getting lost/stolen. I esp like the dec-hex-oct-bin conversions. 41C has the bin/hex in the adv pac.

Would be kinda nice if HP made a modern version of the 41C, with goodies from today while keeping the original flavor. Designed, engineered, and built by HP, not farmed out. Wish HP would bring all of that back in house.


My friend Egan, did you ever figure out what the problem was?


No, sending to fixthatcalc.


You can always send to me and I use as nice paperweight. :)

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