Manual for memorymodul HP 82106A


I#ve found a module HP 82106 without any manual.
How can I use this module?
Can anyone send me a manual via email?
Thanks and best regards


Nno manual is needed... Just plug in an HP41C (previously turned off), and you will have 64 more registers for programs or data. Use the SIZE instruction to choose the memory assignment.

Important: To remove the module, first adjust the SIZE so to have 64 or more registers allocated for data, then turn off the calcualtor and remove the module.

The memory module is to be plugged in port #1, up to four modules can be used, but always starting from port #1, and in consecutive ports.

The module is useless in a HP 41CV or 41CX, since these models already have the maximum memory on board.

Thinking of it... You will be adding just a little LESS than 1/2 Kilobyte; now we live in a time when we add 64 Megabytes to our PCs without even blinking...

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