HP41CV Check X-Memory?


I have a HP41CV with TimeModul, X-Functions and Card-Reader.
I just bought a X-Memory-Modul at ebay.
How can I check the function of this modul?




Install the X-Functions module without the X-Memory module.

Type: XEQ ALPHA EMDIR ALPHA, the calculator displays the content of the extended memory and leaves the number of available registers (= X) on the stack.

Install the X-Memory module and type again XEQ ALPHA EMDIR ALPHA.
The display shows the new size of the extended memory (= Y).

You should have Y = X + 238

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just perform EMDIR _without_ the additional X-Mem module,

note the amount of free registers will be returned to the X register.

Then turn off the HP-41, plug the module in,

turn on the calc again, perform EMDIR again.

Then do X<>Y , then - , and you have total of free registers in the X-Memory module.

This amount should be between 234 and 238 registers initially.




Thank you very much.

EMDIR without X-Memory: DIR EMPTY

EMDIR with X-Memory: DIR EMPTY

Is the X-Memory-Modul defect?




After XEQ EMDIR, the number of registers available is left in the X register, not the display.


--- Les



Thank you very much. I think I understood.

I've got the following:

MEMDIR with X-Functions: 124

MEMDIR with X-Function + X-Memory: 362

So everything seems to be ok, or not?




Fully OK


Thanks again from Hamburg,


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