Hi folks.

I wonder if anyone can wax philisophically for a moment as to why the 50G maintains no (apparant) distinction between vectors and complex numbers (visually or functionally), whereas the 48gx treats the two like apples and oranges...(putting them in different type brackets, and bestowing limited functionality upon vectors, etc).
I really like being able to use the >V2 command in the vector menu (on either machine) to input the real numbers in the bottom two registers directly as polar arguments, but it seems I'm penalized when I do it on the 48GX.

I'd be very interested to hear any thoughts or theories on this.
Best regards, Hal


It could be that the 49 series CAS causes some differences in the ways that vectors or complex numbers are treated. Maybe experiment with different CAS modes.

Regarding whether \->V2 builds a vector or a complex number, that's determined by flag -19; clear for vectors, and set for complex numbers.

For \->V2 to treat the arguments as polar coordinates, the calculator has to be in a polar mode (either CYLIN or SPHERE), that is, flag -16 must be set.



Thanks very much, James...

Flag 19 was the key I was looking for.

Best regards, Hal

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