HHC2007 HP Handhelds Conf News Update - New Video To Be Premiered



The HHC2007 HP Handhelds Conference to be held September 29-30 at HP's facility in San Diego is further shaping up to be a blast. We now have committments of at least four HP presenters from the calculator group and the number of registrants has recently passed the 55 mark. Also, we have just received a commitment from EDN Magazine's Steve Leibson to allow us to permier his new video: "Interview with Dave Cochran: A Keystone for the HP 9100 and HP 35 Calculators” In Steve's own words, "Dave Cochran....developed all of the algorithms for the HP 9100A/B desktop calculators in the late 1960s and was instrumental in developing the HP 35 hardware and software.”

Please check out the continuing news updates on the main conference web page at http://holyjoe.net/hhc2007/ , along with the growing list of "door prizes" which will be distributed at the end of the conference. Also, go to the "HP & HHC News" page and check out two new items: the information on the HP/Saltire "Data Streamer" device shown by Brian Maguire at last year's HHC2006 in San Jose; and the first color scan of the June 1981 article "Calcunuts" from the ill-fated Wall Street Journal Magazine, which featured our buddies Bill Wickes, Henry Horn, Valentin Albillo and numberous others. It's a trip down memory lane worth twice the price of admission :-)

See you there,

Jake Schwartz


When is the latest you can sign up for this thing? Do you have to be there both days? Can I just show up at the door one day with cash money?

I don't know if I'll be able to go at all, and if I do it may very well be a completely last minute thing.


AFAIK, people can show up at the door, though registering online (even with a low probability of attendance) is recommended.

You don't have to be present both days.


AFAIK, people can show up at the door, though registering online (even with a low probability of attendance) is recommended.

You don't have to be present both days.

Yep...you register online (to help us get a head count) and pay at the door. It won't be over $50. for sure.



That reminds me...

How much does the conference cost for attendance? I can't find the price anywhere on the HHC 2007 website!

I'm already signed up to attend, I just want to know how much money to bring to pay for the darn thing :)


It is generally 20-40 dollars to cover the cost of printing up the talks so everyone can have a copy.

Other than that, just the price of travel and your room. It is a great deal and a lot of fun.



Extraordinarily reasonable. I am looking forward to it!


I believe the fee will be between $35 to $50 this year.

An announcement should be made shortly. Keep in mind that this cost is truly the smallest component of the conference anyway...and that in most years, there is a small deficit.

The conference committee has a couple of surprises up our sleeves.

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