Does anyone know anything about the HP-71A? I know there's a B, but what happened to the A version?

I have searched this site and find no mention. I have searched the internet and find no mention. It has really piqued my curiosity. I'm hoping someone can shed some light! Thank you


There wasn't an A suffix. The project that resulted in the 71B never intended to call it 71A. There may have been other designations used during product development before 71B, but as far as I've ever heard, they did not include 71A.

The 75 story is more complicated. The 75 designation was going to be used for two variants, the 75C and 75D, with 8K and 16K of internal memory respectively. However, at release, only the 16K version was introduced, and given the 75C designation. At least one photo of a unit with the 75D designation slipped out.

The later 75D model was not part of that original plan. It was a 75C with the standard 16K of memory, with an added port for a bar code wand.

The 75 had at least one earlier pre-release designation, which IIRC was 1000CX, not related to the later palmtop with that designation.



IIRC, the manuals shipped with the HP-71B show the upper right corner

of an 'HP-71'...without any additional character.

Maybe this could be taken as an indicator that at least they

wanted to keep the option for another designation character?



Addition here too.. there is also a HP-75CX... ;)


To be a bit more exact....

Befor the 71B got his name it was designed as a 44(C?). I have a nonworking unit where the mainboard is labeled 00044-xxxxx. As I said, unfortuantelly nonworking.


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