My New iMac--completely OT


I thought the group would appreciate this.

I decided to cross that OS divide.

I splurged on a new 24 inch iMac. it is truly gorgeous.

I long hesitated because I use a lot of Windows software. But thanks to something called Fusion I am running a copy of XP has a virtual machine on the Mac, and it is even BETTER than on my clunky old Athlon machine.

I am a very happy fellow!



Congrats. Big screen ain't it.

Fusion is supposed to be good software. I've been using Parallels so long I probably won't change over. You'll appreciate the ability to run PC and Mac apps at the same time.

Have fun,


Hello Les,

I decided to cross that OS divide.

Congratulations for daring! I tend to stay with what works -- this really means I stay with what I am used to... That's why I stay with RPN and HP calcs even though there might be better calcs around...

Enjoy your new toy!

Best regards,



Welcome to the club. Once you go Mac, you never go back.

Do not forget:



Once you go Mac, you never go back.

I was a Mac user almost from the first -- since August 1984, to be exact -- but I defected to the Unix (SunOS) and Windows world nine years later... But that was mainly because I was frustrated that Apple wasn't moving MacOS to a Unix base; they finally did so with MacOS X, but that was 10 years later than necessary, in my opinion.

I've always kept fond memories of the Macintosh, though. Their UI has always been the best, and their hardware, while not cheap, is usually excellent also. Lately I've been ogling the Mac Mini... Looks like a nice machine, especially if I set it up with a KVM switch so I wouldn't even have to worry about migrating all my Windows and Linux stuff.

But then again, maybe I should spend the $600 on a short vacation instead. ;-)

- Thomas


Hi Les,

Welcome to the world of happy computing, addicting design (both hardware & software) and durability!

Somehow Apple managed to keep something Hp has lost.


Pb G4, 10.4.10, Aperture

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We're a 95%+ mac shop at work and just ordered 8 of the new 24" imacs to replace some G4 and G5 towers.

Using Parallels is very easy and just works.

Enjoy the new WORK machine. :-)

17" MBP w/3GB of ram


Fusion is new and there may be some glitches to work out, but so far I am so impressed. My Windows XP virtual machine runs faster and more reliably so far than my original PC. The main hassle I had was activating XP on installation--I have a valid OEM copy from a computer I don't use--but even still the automated service at the Microsoft toll free number was quick and worked!

Fusion has something called the Unity mode where you can run Windows programs right on the Mac desktop on their own (i.e., out side of a Windows window), and they even minimize to the dock like real Mac programs! And drag and drop from mac to windows environments is excellent.

I have a USB hard drive chassis so getting my old PC files over is a cinch. My plan in the next few days is to sort that out.

Just wish the thing had a multimedia card reader and more USB ports, but I am sure a hub and an external reader can be had easily.

What have I been waiting for all this time?



Enjoy the new WORK machine. :-)

I never meant to belittle those iMac machines when I referred to Les's as a toy. In fact, depending on how they are used, they can be either a TOOL or a TOY. By the way, I never played with one of them because I've never seen one with a Brazilian keyboard (I know the keyboard can be redefined, but I'd like to see tilde, cedilla and the rest printed on the keys). Besides, they are too pricey around here.


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Well, welcome into the Club.

I use an emac G4 1.42 GHz with Superdrive (I know, it's a very poor machine, compared to your Intel double processor), but Mac OS X Tiger is here. It's been two years, and I've never, NEVER, regretted that decision.

-- Antonio

P.S. posted with Safari.

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