some burning questions with the 35S


So a couple (or several) outstanding questions:

1. Can you predict the screen alignment problem based on the serial number? I have an unopened HP35S with serial number CNA 72500597 purchased online from Walmart 8/2/07, and I wonder if I should return it.
2. Does anyone know if the 35S now being sold online at have the screen alignment problem?
3. I've heard about the faceplates with the liter typo. Does anyone know if that correlates with the screenplate problem?


  1. No
  2. No
  3. AFAIK this typo was on Gene's pre-release calculator only. No sold HP35s had this typo anymore.

I have 72500763 purchased from on 21-July. There is a slight tilt up to the right which is really only noticeable when the LCD has all numbers active. In fact I didn't notice myself until I read about it here.

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