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Sorry for all questions. I keep seeing reference about wand reader or bar code reader for HP 41 series. Is this for a specific application, like supermarket or something for recording information, or does it serve other purpose?


It is to save time typing in key strokes... The wand is used to enter programs into the memory. There are other uses such as points of sale.. If you have the MoHP dvd, there are some good manuals.. I'd recommend looking at the WAND manual, The PLOTTER Pac manual, and lastly the printer module. With these three items, you can create, read, and print your own bar codes. You may be interested in the Paper keyboard that can emulate the keyboard entry with only the bar code reader.

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It can be used as a program input device, programs were published as very long barcodes

The device was a barcode 'pen' where the user provided the movement across the barcode, whereas supermarket scanners self scan using a mittor and a laser.

Picture here

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