HP 41 Barcode Technical Reference Manual


I had a copy of the Barcode Technical Reference manual way back in the dark ages, and I wondered if it was a fairly rare beast, or if anyone could point to another source of technical information for printing barcodes.

I want to interface it with my PC. I'm planning on flashing a red LED with the same mark/space ratio's as the bar codes have. That way I can (with a little effort) write HP41 code on my PC and later transfer it straight to the HP41.

If I can manage to do this I'm going to release it with public source license, since I can't see it being a commercial success :-)

On the other hand, if somebody has already done this, I am not the sort of person that enjoys reinventing wheels...




"Creating Your Own HP-41 Bar Code Manual" may be what you are looking for. Part number 82153-90019, it comes up occasionally for sale on the net. It inludes the physical specifications for HP-41 bar code.

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