Thomas Radtke, where are you? Remember this? Prophetic!!


Thomas, do you remember making this post?

You are the man who predicted the future!

(There was once a non-Windows PC game called "Crisis in the Kremlin" that had you playing the General Secretary of the Communist Part of the Soviet Union [you could choose to be Khruschev, Brezhnev, or Gorbachev] and try to forestall the eventual collapse of the U.S.S.R. The amazing thing was that this game came out way before most even thought that the Soviet Union would ever implode! You must be as prescient as one of those game authors!)

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Where did the image go? Please repair.


Sorry for the broken link, here it is

So, they changed a lot of things, I couldn't foresee. Always in motion the future is, you know ;-)


Aw, come on! It's remarkably similar! Don't you think so?


Well, yes, I'll sue the heck out of HP for... oh wait, that would make me responsible for the missing P <> R conversion! *harrumph* Erm, that T.R. must have been a different person, for sure.


Hallo Thomas,

danke für das Bild. Beeindruckend! Leider kann ich viele der geshifteten Funktionen nicht lesen. Kannst Du sie etwas deutlicher machen? Oder gab's früher schon eine Funktionsliste?

(thx for the image. Impressing! However, I can't read all functions. Is/was there a clearer information available?)


Thanks, Walter :-) I had a concept in mind, but no list of functions. About the lables, I don't remember them any more. The model has gone bye bye a few month ago.

However, my only intention was to design something that retains some classic elements (topmost display, beveled bottom edge) but look modern enough to sell these days. BTW, the keys should reproduce the 32SII keys. After using the 35s now for quite some hours, I find their style superior. Especially with the color scheme used, the 35s letters and "down shift" fuctions are hard to read. HP should have made them yellow / white for better reflection.


Walter, bist Sie Deutsch? Sie sprichst es bestens.

**EDIT** I just realize that I very bad. I should have said in English what I say. I apologize. I say "Walter, are you German? You speak it very well"

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Vincze, please tell me the Hungarian word for "yes" to double my knowledge of your language. You are right.


Ah, that easy.. it is igen. And igen tessék is yes please, and köszönöm, nem is no thank you. Always good to be polite.

**Edit** one other is "igaza van Vincze" or you are right Vincze. ;)

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